Monday, March 19, 2012

Upcoming events

With winter done and the good weather on its way, swap meet season is here. These are a few gems that you shouldn't miss.

HERE is the link to the Mt. Vernon swap. Has so much fun at this last year, picked up some rad stuff. Its also a flea market so you can spend all day there if you like to garbage hunt. It's the day before the Tsawwassen meet so you can have yourself an action packed weekend of adventure. speaking of
Tsawwassen, here is the info on that

HERE is the link for Tsawwassen meet. Its old hat now, but there is always lots of cool bikes in the lots, and some good finds on the tables

Last year we went up to this in Penticton. All Car stuff mostly, and a little flea market vintage as well so you can play american picker if your heart fancies. The poster tells you the same as the link.

Also Coombs on the Island is on the 1st of April but I couldn't find a link online, but thats always worthy of checking out if you're into British

Friday, March 16, 2012

More XS650 work

John came thru with his motor on Sunday. His motor had sprung a bunch of oil leaks so he bought himself a gasket kit and I promised him I would run thru the replacement with him.
Pretty fast go of it.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Winner, winner

Ash won a trophy at The One Show in Portland. Something about best freestyle.
I think it should have been for riding a shovel with one of the split tanks down with a mini bike on the back from Vancouver to Portland.

Holy Roller, Batman

So a few things got done on the XS project. The hard tail was fitted and welded, the frame came back and I hacked off all the remaining little bits that i didn't need.
Got the front wheel spaced and sorted. The axle needed to be turned down, spacers machined.
The boys over at Arcmet did the Frame and machining for the wheel.
Threw it together to get an idea of where this bike is headed...

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

3/4 Scale

scale replica of a board tracker. Really well done. Lots of cool one off bits.

Dream Collection

I think there were like 4 more of these in line. Thats the way you kick of an entrance to a bike show. This was the One Show in Portland