Monday, November 30, 2009

well Spoke-N

Here is a good reference to spoke wheels. Both building them, and taking care of them. We are all guilty of buying used wheels and just running them without to much attention paid to them. Riding everyday on good faith and ignorance.....

Rain rain.....

With the 2 months of impending rain and then the snow to follow.....its hard not to want it to be summer again

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy birthday dicknose


bet you americans dont see this every day..bud the size of a chicks fist...or lady fingers fist

Thursday, November 26, 2009

triumph starting to come together.........


leslie has gone too far!........................

ok,ok........i think zandra has gone too far with this one...........

days gone by....

Fuck you winter!


hooray vinyl dye

seat looks better

A little known fact.....

Sometimes the tattoo world is much like the skateboarding or motorcycle world. Full of braggerts, douchebags, and jealous shit talkers. And every now and then you run across someone whose work will speak for itself.
Jesse Wark at Blackwater Tattoo is just that kind of guy. One of the cities best kept tattoo secrets. His shop is tucked away at the end of the city almost. It's not a clothing gallery, it's not a trendy over decorated eyesore of a shop, its just a straight up simple tattoo shop where he pumps out good solid work day after day.

Go see him, you'll be glad you did. Plus no bitching about being on a waiting list, it'll give you time to save your pennies up.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

got a 19 avon speedmaster for 100 bucks from itc specialty tire in langley, tire was supposed to be hard to find, but they got me one in two days.

also got this fender that said "gus fender" on craigslist. i took it to gus' to ask if he made it, its stamped with an old custom chrome stamp, he bought the blank and drilled some holes and welded a little conuit for taillight wires and sent it for chrome. not made there, but slightly cusomized there, nice chrome, not expensive.

"WHy doesn't Anyone post anymore?..

Saturday, November 21, 2009

bonus crossbow!!!!!!!

due to complaints of the photo size of the thursday crossbow enthusiast, i'm posting an extra cbe this week. enjoy basking in his glorious raddness wishing you had a crossbow too

Thursday, November 19, 2009

"Parts ? what parts?"

A guy named Scotty

There is alot one can say about someone that they have known for most of their life. I can tell you any number of things about Scotty, but the best thing I can say about the guy is that I'm always happy when I do see him. We grew up in the same area skateboarding, and looked out for each other when we had too.

Scotty does a whole lot and a whole little depending on how you want to take his explanation of his life. One thing is for sure tho. The man is far from boring. He's a good writer, has done a lot for canadian skateboarding, and his musings are always entertaining.

So check out his latest endeavours over at KINGSHIT. Its a solid Magazine, and a good website. Shit they have Dave Carnie. Nuff said.

Or read his thoughts here

Point is. Scotty is a great dude. Buy him a beer, he may give a mag if he has one, at the very least he'll most likely have a great story to tell you....

FUCK a cellphone.

Motorcycle was travelling at approximately 85 mph. The VW driver was talking on a cell phone when she pulled out from a side street, apparently not seeing the motorcycle. The riders reaction time was not sufficient enough to avoid this accident.

People wonder why I smack their fucking windows when I see them on their fucking phones. Here's your proof

Parts to go....

I have a few things to get rid of and thought I'd give the chance here before Egay.

1. Stamped wassel NOS cocktail shaker. 1.5" standard BSA pipe diameter. Good chrome, no baffle. Kicked up on the angle. Just some minor shelf wear. $75

2. Non-stamped cocktail shaker. 1.5" diameter. No kick up. NOS. With baffle. minor shelf wear. $45

3. Akront shouldered aluminum rim. 19x3. 36 hole. Some knicks and scratches. I cleaned it up and gave it a light polish. Good runner, probably not for show. $85

4. Late 60's Husqvarna small front brake drum. 36 hole. Was laced to the Akront rim. Complete nothing missing. Good little brake drum hub. about half the size of stock brit hubs. $45

5. Stock Oil bag for Hornet/Lightning. No rust good balck paint still. Chrome and cap nice too. $35

Email for pics or questions.
Prices do not include shipping just cos of the whole canadian, american thing.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

this ones fake

you can outbid me at 10 bucks right now, cool picture for sure. he's sold at least 3 of the same one

benefit for the clap clinic at the longshoremens hall!

wish i could afford this poster, designed and autographed by randy tuten. he wrote death or glory and his name. great poster artist who did posters for the filmore, like forever.

True Traveller

Just found this image again. From a road-trip I did this summer- Greybeard pulled into a parking lot on his own.
Middle-Of-Nowhere - Canada. Wish I got a photo of the dude too. He was a dude. Rad.