Tuesday, July 27, 2010

3rd Time Lucky-Funshine Coast

Here we go again. 3rd annual funshine coast ride and camp.
Now that we got the spot, and know the roads....the time has come
Aug 20. come back the Monday....

Monday, July 26, 2010

Diataster Daze weekend

Ferry traffic. The bikes all made it, the chase truck shit the bed???
Gourmet cooking camping lessons
Uptight cops giving out too many tickets
The worlds smallest 2 man tent
Ralph the wonder dog
1 bad ass trike
all added up to one great weekend.....

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

soap lake run

took a ride to soap lake to meet jerry from the wall of death, met some great people, wall of death crew was awesome, tons of helpfull and fun people, got a little messy with roadbrothers mc moses lake, the mechanical bull got some payback. crunch crunch, here comes the captain. headlites broke off, battery and generator died, shit came loose, top end shit the bed, almost made it home on my own power.

vintage flattrackers

went to some races in olympia a while back, they got rained out but we looked at some neat bikes

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Roberts Creek

Its not the best place to camp. But its close to a beach, on the side of the main road. Not far there is a general store that sells cold beer on the cheap and there is plenty of shade for those hung over mornings where you need that extra hour of sleep....

This is where will be for Disaster Days. Roll by have a beer, pitch a tent or just come thru and say hi.

Summer is for good times....

With the good weather here and projects being put aside in favour of riding and hanging out with friends, going to events or just generally enjoying summer I'm spending less and less time worrying about posting on the here and more time enjoying life.
Shit half of the time I don't even bring my camera with me.
All but 2 of the these photos came from Beastman's blog...

Disaster days is on Sat. I'll have more to share next week....

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Reserve tank....

See that little silver bottle....the one with the red sticker on it. Thats my reserve fuel tank.

When you're gas tank holds just over $5 its safe to assume that you might run out of gas once in a while. Well that little bottle is a fuel rated camping bottle that holds just under a buck in gas.
Just enough to get you to the gas station, or help out an absent minded friend....

Stock tank, clean paint....

Early 70's CB450 tank that Rach gave some new life to.
If you need or want something painted hit her up through here....

Friday, July 2, 2010

Ty meets a legend

Look for the feature on Ty's bike "Booger Sugar" real soon....Till then drool on those pipes.

Help a guy out....

Go here check out Lee's story. Heavy scene. If you skate support this guy. Shit even if you don't skate buy the damn thing and hang it on your wall. Its got art from Lance Mountain that alone is cool enough for your shitty wall..
Click on the link. Watch the video. Drool over the riding footage and man the fuck up...

On Fire....

Literally on fire.....stopped by Heathen last night. Owen asked for a Burnout. I flooded my carb, went to kick over the bike and boom.
Fireball, huge fireball.
There was an extinguisher on hand. And amazingly enough-no damage.

2 lessons.

1 coils under your carbs-shit idea.

2 my bike is trying to commit suicide. Fuck that. Kicked over burned the tire and road home.
Shit I even rode to work this morning. Stupid? yes! Fun? Fuck yeah!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Disaster Daze 2010

Camping for Disaster Daze. May leave the Thursday night. Most likely Friday Morning.
Ride around for a day or 2, hit up the show....crash and come home Sunday.

Not to be confused with the annual Funshine coast camp....

Sneeky peeky.....

Been heavily slacking on posting lately....Truth is the BSA was t-boned and pretty fucked up and I got engaged so my time was all taken up.

Well last night Jer finished up with the tins and I took it for its first ride since the accident. Tracks true, and everything seems to be in order, but a few more miles and I'll know for sure.

Better photos to come...