Thursday, March 19, 2009

Of course why wouldn't we be?

This is invariably the response week in and week out to the question...Are we heading to the 'Wack this weekend? 
Now when we mention the 'Wack, we mean Chilliwack, British Columbia. Not the classic rock group of the same name, although Tallboy told me they named themselves that because they came from there. That's not the point though....

The point is there is basically no fucking reason to go to the 'Wack unless you want corn, or live in Hope and if that's the case Chilliwack is like the city to you. We only go out to see Ken, who is an old school genius who welds everything and anything we can throw at him.

Getting out there usually involves a sketchy cube van, an hour at least on the road sitting on lawn chairs in the back of the van and 1 or more bikes tied down if we are lucky enough to remember to bring the straps.

Why bother telling you all this? Simple if you live in BC and need something, go see Ken. He makes one off frames for new Bonnies, sells all kinds of cool bikes, and is a good guy just to drop in and shoot the shit with and see what he is working on. Plus he helped us out large.

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