Thursday, November 19, 2009

Parts to go....

I have a few things to get rid of and thought I'd give the chance here before Egay.

1. Stamped wassel NOS cocktail shaker. 1.5" standard BSA pipe diameter. Good chrome, no baffle. Kicked up on the angle. Just some minor shelf wear. $75

2. Non-stamped cocktail shaker. 1.5" diameter. No kick up. NOS. With baffle. minor shelf wear. $45

3. Akront shouldered aluminum rim. 19x3. 36 hole. Some knicks and scratches. I cleaned it up and gave it a light polish. Good runner, probably not for show. $85

4. Late 60's Husqvarna small front brake drum. 36 hole. Was laced to the Akront rim. Complete nothing missing. Good little brake drum hub. about half the size of stock brit hubs. $45

5. Stock Oil bag for Hornet/Lightning. No rust good balck paint still. Chrome and cap nice too. $35

Email for pics or questions.
Prices do not include shipping just cos of the whole canadian, american thing.

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Kevin said...

how wide is the husky hub?