Friday, February 5, 2010

Lowering Ceriani Forks....

After getting the BSA frame back and throwing the 18" on the back, the forks were kicking up quite bit so I figured I'd lower them a few inches to make the stance look right.
Well after checking the Nazi (Jockey) journal for any tips. I kept getting the same response. Why would you lower Cerianis, they are rare, I'll take 'em and more shit like this.

Long story short. You want to lower them here's how you do it.

Anything shorter than 2" will require a slug to make up the difference.

They are little more complicated that a brit or Harley front end, but use the same principals. The only difference is the preload spring is at the top of the forks not the bottom.

This works out to your benefit. slide out your springs and cut that 2" off, slide the springs back in, and drop in the preloads, and you should end up with the preloads sitting at about 1/4" on the threads, giving you a 1/4" of preload still. All this and no slop.

Now if you want to go more than 2" you have to take your forks apart cut your springs, match the length of your spacers to your chop, and fit those spacers over the bottom of the actuator cup and Bob's your uncle.

I would however recommend measuring the depth of the actuator cup and adding it to the amount of spring you have cut off, and making a set of spacers that will be a smaller diameter on the bottom to fit into the cup and a bigger diameter on the upper half for the difference in the spring length . This will completely eliminate the chance that over time your Bojang spacer might fall into your actuator cup and cause a nasty slop.

Now go lower some expensively rare forks and have all the purists bitch at you....

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