Wednesday, July 21, 2010

soap lake run

took a ride to soap lake to meet jerry from the wall of death, met some great people, wall of death crew was awesome, tons of helpfull and fun people, got a little messy with roadbrothers mc moses lake, the mechanical bull got some payback. crunch crunch, here comes the captain. headlites broke off, battery and generator died, shit came loose, top end shit the bed, almost made it home on my own power.


jojo said...

Bummer man, wish you coulda made it all the way home on two wheels. What happened to the top end? How long of a ride is it from Spokane Wa up to yer joint? Thinking about swinging that trip at the end of the summer

Anonymous said...

maybe a solid day of riding. 7 hours maybe. you should do it.

Dan said...

Tyler, I got the same type of picture of my 45 on the bike of a big ole tilt truck.