Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Anniversary fools

Well its been 2 years since the first post on this blog. I wanted to thank everyone who has contributed over the past couple years. Rob and Troy get a special mention and you'll always find some of whats going on with those guys on here.

And below are some links of where some of the other guys are at lately....
Thanks to everyone who comes and check shit out, and everyone who has, will or wants to contribute something.

As always, I encourage you to send in photos or submissions of you bike or an event you attended....

Neale's Pre-unit pre accident. Check out him and Mark over at Rogue Speed Shop

Tyler's IH long bike. Still hits posts up here when he's not too lazy or caught up with life and the undaunting task of owning an old IH

Kristian may be gone but he's not out. You can catch up with him here

Mark and Dean, Dean is contributing to the Rogue Speed Shop Blog where if you are lucky he may be unloading some rad parts find 'em here

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lovestory said...

right on Jeff
I am a little bit of a nazi! ha