Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Here in the Pacific Northwest we live in a rain forest surrounded by mountains. This means 2 things.
1. When the rain comes for the winter months you park your bike. This give you 4 or 5 months to fix all those things you wanted to get to that season. As well as the luxury of starting a new project if you got the scratch to scrape something together.
2. You need a winter hobby. Cos if you can't skate or ride, thats a whole lot of beer drinking to get done over the shitty months.

I got married, my wife snowboards and some of the crew used/ and still does so I'm riding again after taking couple of seasons off. Fucking stoked. This season is supposed to be really good for snowfall. So I'll have something to occupy my time while waiting for parts or just keeping me from getting old, fat and drunk.....

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