Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Disaster >>> DAZE

This will be my fifth time going. I can't remember for sure, I'm old and my memory is slightly pickled. I do however remember the first time. I was riding a shit piece KZ400. Although now by some standards it would be cool, then it was just a piece of shit jap that smoked alot. We parked around the corner. It was a pretty awe inspiring sight. Who knew this stuck up city had this much shit to offer up. I liked it on Main Street.
I usually don't hang around too long. I wanna go ride after seeing all the bikes. Last year I bounced an hour into it. It's not my fault, I love the coast and I can see bikes and my friends on the Mainland anytime. I can also spend a night in the bar there too. Fuck that shit. I wanted to go to a secluded beach with some friends, drink some beer and hang out in paradise. This year I hope I'll be able to keep roots at the actual show....I fucking doubt it man

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