Monday, April 2, 2012

Chopper motor

This is all I salvaged for the original basket case motor. The top end that was on it was in spec still but nearing the point of being clapped out. One of the shit things is this engine came with no hardware. So its a little of a pain in the ass trying to put it together when literally every bolt is missing
The pistons that came with the kit were quite a bit lighter than the OG stock ones I pulled out of here. Pretty stoked on how they should cut down at least a little of the vibes at idle...
even after hours of cleaning the cases on the bottom end they came out looking drab compared to the new shit on the top....
All new valves, guides, seats and rockers. Sitting in a nicely sand blasted home.
One of the few good things about this engine was that the bottom end was in good shape. The top end was pretty decent as well but I opted for a full top anyway. The after market big jug looks tits compared to the old stock one
I'm a lazy bastard and when I got this basket case there were a bunch of covers missing. So instead of buying the few that I needed I bought a set already polished on ebay for a steal. This way I got my covers and didn't have to get covered in polish....
Minus a few smaller things, The engine is complete and ready to go in.

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